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Welcome to Cahaya Auctioneers Sdn.Bhd.

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 1.Standard Chartered Bank (M) Berhad2014-12-3011:00:00
 3.RHB BANK BERHAD2014-01-1315:30:00


Owning a property is a wonderful experience and we think that searching for one should be too. Cahaya Auctioneers Sdn. Bhd. wishes to extend its services to every Malaysian who aspire to own a home at an affordable price. Yes, we are here to make that dream of owning a home, a reality.

Date of Incorporation  :    5th, March 2005.
Nature of Business        :    Property Auctions (Commercial &
                                                 Residential) Land Auctions.

Address                            :    Suite 12A01 -12A Floor,
                                                 Plaza Permata (IGB),
                                                 No.6, Jalan Kampar, 50400 Kuala Lumpur.

Our Motto                         :    Quality Service.




Welcome to Cahaya Auctioneers Sdn Bhd



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